Sunny Side Upbringing by Maria Dismondy

Title: Sunny Side Upbringing

Author: Maria Dismondy

Available on Hoopla

Tension is raised, much like your voice after asking your child to pick up his/her toys for the tenth time.  You are tired of virtual learning, cooking every meal at home, and losing sleep from anxiety at night.  You aren’t alone, mama.  Everyone feels like this right now.  

Enter Maria Dismondy.  Don’t worry.  She’s just like us.  She has kids and she doesn’t get all judgy.  Dismondy’s book, Sunny Side Upbringing, is a fantastic parenting resource. It will give you tips on how to have a vision for your family.

Sunny Side Upbringing is broken down into months and comes with tons of book recommendations, ideas, personal stories and more. 

The best part is that it’s free to borrow on Hoopla with your Delaware library card. It’s available as an audio book so you can listen while you are folding laundry, getting ready in the morning, or crying in a corner.  Everyone needs a little help and encouragement.  Let this book be yours.

Just a reminder, you can borrow up to four titles per month on Hoopla.

– Stacy


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